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At the moment, the way laboratory medicine is organized means that patients have to go to a phlebotomy unit to have a blood sample taken or to hand in a urine or stool sample. Only highly-trained healthcare professionals are allowed to collect blood by venipuncture. Blood collected by venipuncture needs to be prepared for analysis or storage within a few hours of collection. Consequently, the current blood sampling process is a logistic challenge, with little regard for the wellbeing of patients. We want healthcare professionals and patients to become more equal partners in diagnostics and treatment. With the Labonovum products, patients can take samples of body fluids themselves.

Mission statement

The ultimate aim of Labonovum is to make the complete process of blood sampling and diagnostics safe, painless, comfortable, efficient and environmentally-friendly for consumers and patients worldwide.

Labonovum contributes to disease prevention by detecting and analysing latent diseases.

In clinical trials, Labonovum is able to detect and measure the side-effects of drugs with a fingerstick. This very consumer-/patient-friendly solution also has logistical advantages and makes it possible to include children in the studies and enable home monitoring.

Labonovum wants to provide consumers and patients worldwide with efficient access to high-quality laboratory diagnostics, also in countries where the health infrastructure is inadequate or absent.


Labonovum develops and manufactures specific tubes and kits that can replace intravenous blood collection at phlebotomy units by a home fingerstick test in the near future. After taking a blood sample at home, the consumer can send the sample to the lab as medical post.

The products and services developed by Labonovum are reliable, patient-friendly and safe.

Labonovum contributes to empowering consumers and patients to play a leading role in the treatment of their disease.

Labonovum realises cost savings, time savings and reduces the volume of medical waste in the healthcare sector by innovating the entire lab diagnostics chain.

In the event of an epidemic and/or major population study, Labonovum is able to efficiently provide high-quality products and services for lab diagnostics worldwide.


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General terms and conditions

The Genereal terms and conditions can be found here.

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